About the Technology

eyeSight’s Gesture Recognition Technology allows users to interact with their devices using simple and natural hand gestures.

eyeSight’s Touch Free technology utilizes advanced real-time image processing and machine vision algorithms to track the user’s hand gestures and convert them into commands. These commands are then used to control functions and applications within the device, creating a Natural User Interaction.

The technology is completely software based and is independent of the underlying processor and camera hardware. eyeSight’s technology produces robust gesture recognition using only a standard 2D camera, and is further compatible with 3D stereoscopic sensors, and IR illumination.

The Touch Free technology can be easily integrated into various levels of the digital device: on the chipset level, operating system, as part of the camera module, or simply integrated in application level. Integration involves minimal resource deployment, enabling short time-to-market in a cost effective manner. Using eyeSight’s unique SDK, OEMs can enjoy a competitive edge at a low cost, providing users a whole new user experience.

Key Benefits

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    Software-based technology

    Operating seamlessly using only a standard VGA camera, further supporting 3D stereoscopic sensors, and IR illumination.

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    Highly optimized

    Technology in terms of CPU and power consumption, ideal for embedded platforms.

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    Simple integration

    Into a variety of devices, operating systems, or applications using eyeSight’s SDK.

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    High recognition rate

    Even in dynamic environments and various lighting conditions; from bright daylight to dark environments.

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    Solution for close range and long range functionality

    Suitable for handheld devices such as mobile phones, as well as far range usages such as for TVs and STBs.

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    A complete
    Touch Free solution

    Which can be tailored to suit different use cases. Offering gesture recognition capabilities, virtual mouse functions for accurate point & click, and face detection and tracking for multi-person environments.