Solution for TV and Set top Boxes

The most intuitive, easy to control- gesture recognition technology is now available for integration in TVs and Set-top-Boxes.

eyeSight presents eyeSightTV, a software based gesture recognition control system which provides 100% touch-free interaction with the device. Intuitive gestures along with eyeSight’s virtual mouse tracker provide the most complete touch-free interaction system available in the market.
Use simple hand gestures such as left, right, wave and select, to perform quick actions such change a channel, control volume or answer an incoming video call. By using eyeSight’s cutting edge virtual mouse solution (hand and fingertip tracking) advanced actions can be performed including; point & click on menu items, apps, and features of the TV or set-top-box.
SDKs are available today for all major operating systems including Android, Linux as well as Windows.


Solution for PCs

Using eyeSightPC you can now sit back and effortlessly scroll web pages, skip a track on your playlist, and even change slides while conducting a presentation, all with simple hand gestures that are natural to perform.
eyeSight’s language of gestures was designed to provide the best user experience possible, offering a language of gestures that is natural to the end user, and does not require effort or cause “gesture fatigue”.
Simple integration
eyeSight offers the fastest and simplest way to enable gesture control for Windows based devices using eyeSight’s touch-free software. eyeSight provides a ‘shortcut’ system which allows the integration of gesture controls in any windows application by simple mapping to key shortcuts; no coding needed, straight and simple integration.
SDKs are available today for all major operating systems including Android, Linux as well as Windows (windows 8 included).


Solution for Tablets and Mobile Phones

With eyeSightMobile users can now control their mobile phones or tablets with simple hand gestures.
Whether on-the-go, in a meeting or simply when unable to touch the device – eyeSight offers the ultimate touch-free user experience. eyeSight’s software allows the user to remotely control the mobile phone or tablet, touch-free, smudge-free, with no add-ons or hardware changes required – 100% software.
Answer an incoming call, control your media player, play a casual game or simply scroll through an online recipe all with ease using eyeSight’s software. Users now have the freedom to interact with their device seamlessly and touch-free.
Integration made easy
eyeSight offers an SDK for simple integration into the application level as well as deeper integration into the operating system of the device, or even into the chipset and sensor level.
SDKs are available today for all major operating systems: Android, Windows (including Windows 8), Linux, as well as iOS.


Solution for SOCs and Chipsets

eyeSight’s solution is highly versatile and is ready for seamless integration into SOCs and chipsets.

Using eyeSightEmbedded our machine vision algorithms can be implemented on DSP and GPU level, allowing the technology to be distributed between different processing units, offering a very powerful and efficient gesture recognition system without impacting the main application processor.


Solution for In-Car Usage

eyeSight’s technology allows users to interact with the in-car infotainment system in a seamless distraction-free manner.

eyeSightAutomotive, provides the user with an improved driving experience by keeping distractions to a minimum. Instead of shifting the attention from the road to control the infotainment system, touch panel, or other in car systems, the user is now able to keep the eyes on the road and use small discreet motions to control such in-car features.
Control music, navigation, climate, and even answer calls, all without needing to shift attention or look away from the road.
eyeSight’s technology is designed to work in various lighting conditions from bright daylight to night conditions, supporting the dynamic environments of cameras on-the-move such as the one placed in the car for gesture control.
SDKs are available for all major operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and can be developed to work on more bespoke platforms.


Solution for PCs and Digital Signage

eyeSight introduces a new and exciting way to interact with content on digital signage.

Using eyeSightPC for Digital Signage customers can now use natural gestures to interact with the digital sign. Browse an e-catalogue, change the clothing on a virtual model, or even play a game that is integral to your advertising message all in a fun and exciting touch-fee manner.
eyeSight’s software opens up a whole new world of dynamic, immersive, powerful advertisements that respond to individual customers, serving as a powerful marketing tool for any company looking to engage directly with its customers and make itself noticed.
In addition to the gesture control capabilities, eyeSight also offers face detection and tracking, brining a whole new range of data and market knowledge that was previously unavailable to companies.


Solution for camera enabled devices

With eyeSightAppliance you can now control ANY device with a wave of the hand or point of a fingertip, by simply connecting it to a 2D camera.
Home appliances, smart home applications, educational, as well as health industry usages are all made gesture enabled by simple Software integration.
SDKs are available for all major operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and can be developed to work on more bespoke platforms.